During my 51 years at work, I had an interesting and varied range of jobs in this order:
  1. boilermaker/welding apprentice
  2. RAAF airman
  3. Police officer
  4. TAFE teacher and departmental head
  5. Training manager and HR specialist
  6. Faculty teacher at a women's college in the UAE
  7. Head lecturer in charge of a prisoner education and training department
During my last years in the Queensland Police Force I was involved in organisation and methods. I researched and wrote Commissioner's Instructions and other Administrative Instructions to police for their Policeman's Manual.

The police experience created an interest in management, organisation and writing procedures manuals, policies etc. 

In TAFE Queensland and in the United Arab Emirates I taught subjects including business communication, typing, word processing, computing, desktop publishing, human resources, management, accounting, and business practices.

I've produced probably tens of thousands of course notes, instructional media, assessment instruments, teacher's guides and notes, lesson plans, learning guides, reports, briefs, and more.

I produced these to the high commercial standards I taught my students.

Later as an Australian Public Servant and Northern Territory Public Servant, I produced briefs, reports, training programs, computer-aided instructional media, requests for tender and proposal, and recruitment media, including an internet recruitment site.

Looking back on my life's work, documentation in all its forms has been central to everything I have done. Producing excellent documentation is one of the activities I have enjoyed most. Being a pedant helps!

Now that I have finished work, I advise and mentor several young managers including my daughter.

As an RAAF Vietnam era veteran, I'm a member of the Returned Services League and a legatee with Legacy.