I love the English language and writing.
Robin Henry, EzineArticles Platinum Author
During my working life, I've produced a large volume and variety of written media while working as a police officer, adult educator, and in different human resources positions.

Teaching typewriting, word processing and desktop publishing helped me develop a sense of design and layout. It also helped me produce excellent work.

The media I have produced include:
  1. Letters, reports and memoranda including email
  2. Requests for Quotation/Tender/Proposals
  3. Responses to requests for quotation, proposals etc
  4. Briefs
  5. Course outlines
  6. Student handouts including exercises, information documents and assessment instruments
  7. Press releases
  8. Sales pages
Proofreading has been central to these tasks, especially when teaching students to produce typewritten or word processed documents to acceptable business standards.

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