Words that Work!

Ask me to proofread your work

Proofreading has become more important than ever with the number of writers using English as a second language.

Although I am now retired from the full time workforce, I like to keep my skills current and my mind alert by completing a small number of proofreading jobs. Remember the adage, use it or lose it?

Even though I am retired, one can't play golf all day and sit about drinking coffee. So, when I see a site on the internet that demonstrates English expression and syntax that could be improved, I contact them and offer my help for a small fee.

For much of my working life I have produced quality documentation but I didn't begin proofreading as a specific activity until I retired from the workforce in 2012. For several years afterwards, I completed proofreading assignments for:

  1. the Northern Territory Government's Department of Education
  2. other individuals and small agencies 
Now, I do mainly very short assignments for internet site owners and free work for students who send me their assignments. (I don't write assignments - that would be academically dishonest).

If you need your documents or internet site pages proofread, please contact me and ask for a quote.

Robin Henry